The Structure of the Intergovernmental Commission

The Intergovernmental Commission consists of the following working groups

Intergovernmental Commissions for Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation consist of two parts – the Russian and the foreign. The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation carries out the functions of the Russian Secretariat. Members of the Russian government, as well as their deputies and heads of federal services and agencies lead Russian parts of the Intergovernmental Commission.

A representative of the Ministry of Economic Development is approved as the deputy chairman of the Russian Part of the Intergovernmental Commission. The Russian part of the Commission or Working Group consists of the chairman and his deputy (within the regulatory framework), the executive secretary and members of the Russian part of the Commission, including the ambassador, trade commissioner or trade counselor of the Russian federation to the country in question.

The chairpersons of the Russian parts of the Commission are appointed by the Ministry of Economic Development and are approved by an Order of the Government of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.