Working meeting with the rector of the Russian state hydrometeorological University, candidate of law, Valery Leonidovich Mikheev

Valery Mikheev met with Sergey Terashkevich, Deputy head of the international scientific and technical cooperation and intergration Department Of the Department of international cooperation, Andrey Rashin, head of the working group of the intergovernmental Commission with Uganda, Boris Aleshin, project Manager of the working group of the intergovernmental Commission with Uganda, and Shivleta Tagirova, an independent expert on the export of education.

During the meeting, the parties exchanged views on the prospects for cooperation between Russia and African countries, the specifics of economic development on the African continent, and current issues of cooperation in the agricultural sector.

In particular, they discussed the creation of a single project for the development of the agricultural sector in the territory of African countries and the possible role of the RSMU in training specialists in such a comprehensive solution.

The main areas of interaction between RSMU and the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation in the framework of the project development include:

  • Development of the country's economic potential, including in the field of agriculture and resource-producing industries;
  • Ensuring food security of the country at the expense of its own sources and resources;
  • Increase in domestic GDP and population welfare.

The parties intend to continue discussing options for cooperation and start developing the project in more detail in the near future.