Meeting with the Zimbabwean Ambassador in Moscow, Mike Nicholas Sango

On February 13, 2020, the head of the working group of the intergovernmental Commission, Rashin A. G., met with the Ambassador of Zimbabwe in Moscow, Mike Nicholas Sango. The parties discussed possible aspects of interstate cooperation on the example of the "Russian-Ugandan integrated industry cooperation program" scheme being implemented in Uganda.

The parties expressed their mutual interest in cooperation and readiness to implement such a program on the territory of Zimbabwe. The Ambassador of Zimbabwe, Mr. Sanko, invited the head of the IPC working group, A. G. Rashin, to his country for a more detailed discussion of the stages of implementing the integrated program in Zimbabwe.

Additional material:

At the Yalta international economic forum held in April 2019, the Zimbabwean Ambassador to Moscow, Mike Nicholas Sango, said:

"I encourage Russian business to come to Zimbabwe, to come to Africa, we have many areas for cooperation."

"Western countries used to say that the sanctions imposed on our country are related to former President Robert Mugabe, but after he left office, the situation has not changed," he continued. "But we have an old friend, Russia, with whom we can develop relations."